Telehealth in the time of Covid 19

Covid-19 has transformed the way we approach healthcare for the foreseeable future, hospitals are now rising to the occasion to meet the demand. Curable helps you set up a telemedicine platform for yourself and your hospital making you Telemedicine friendly with easy steps. Read on to know more!

Telemedicine platforms have been seeing a rapid rise in adoption and with the increased demand for Telehealth Care, Integrated Telehealth is now a critical path to safe, convenient, and affordable patient care!

The Rise of Telehealth

With growing stress on medical systems around the globe Telehealth for Hospitals has been the perfect solution that eases the burden through online consultations and screenings. In addition to its booming requirement, the recent clarity on policies and guidelines from the government has opened doors to patients all over the country to seek professional medical care at their convenience.

The COVID-19 crisis has made employers, governments, and citizens around the world reconsider the existing structures of workplaces and industries, realizing the need for remote efficiency as well as quick access to emergency services. The digitization of medical service like Telemedicine Software has proven to be one such focus of change, now more than ever.

Benefits to Providers and Patients

Both doctors and patients benefit from the implementation of telehealth services, the biggest win being convenience. Some of the other advantages are:

Adoption of telehealth consultations and practices look towards increased revenues, cost-effectiveness, and a reduction in redundancies.

It poses as a future-oriented business model that keeps both avenues open (in-clinic and online) for practice – Browse through all Telemedicine Providers and make Doctor Appointments online too! now easier than ever before with Curable.

Doctors can access a more evolved approach to patient engagement, with in-app follow-up options, notified updates on critical information, easy monitoring of the patient, along with the ability to access reports and essential information on the go. That’s why all hospitals are now striving to become a Telemedicine platform! 

Telehealth caters for an expanded patient base as it cuts out travel time, and patients can access locations across the country.

Patients need not take the day off for consultations, making it convenient for them, in turn, resulting in minimal no-shows.

Both healthcare providers and patients can experience the efficiency of patient database storage, prioritization, and communication.

It provides better costs to patients, making healthcare more accessible and doctors from various specialities approachable.

Telehealth services enable a Work-From-Home approach for doctors.
Telehealth for Hospitals is now easy, accessible and affordable with Curable. Check out our website to know more about our amenities and partnerships.

The Future of Telehealth

Predicted in 2019 to cross the $32 million mark by 2020, telehealth in India is expected to continue to grow exponentially. Even MNC’s are realizing the benefits of easy-to-access healthcare and have tie-ups with telehealth platforms for their employees – a trend that expects more employers to jump on board in the wake of the global health crisis.

Countries like the USA and Canada have been adopting and developing their telehealth field for a while now. Around 84% of surveyed American healthcare executives felt the development of telehealth was important, and 67% of users felt an increase in satisfaction. A survey also found that around 75% of all doctors, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video.

With the perceived outlook from results observed in countries all over, telehealth in India is sure to see a systematic rise and adoption.

How It Works

Curable offers patients to choose from a variety of doctors and hospitals under departments like Psychology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. All it takes is a smartphone or computer to access the video consultation.

Appointments are made through a brief description of symptoms and uploading documents if applicable. The prescription and a summary are given on completion of the consultation. Curable’s telehealth platform also caters for medicines to be delivered and diagnostic tests to be performed at home at certain locations.

Seeing as most consultations take around 10 to 15 minutes on average, this leads to significant time savings by cutting down on travel, long queues, and delays.

Book your appointment now to begin consultations.

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Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare for Seniors?

Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare for Seniors?

In this time and age of digitisation where everything you need is delivered in the comfort of your home, how can healthcare services be far behind? Online healthcare, more commonly known as Telemedicine has seen a lot of growth in recent years. It comes as a boon, especially at a time when the world is fighting a deadly pandemic and the country faces lockdown. Health ailments do not consider time and age, so you never really know when you may need doctor consultation.

The inconvenience of waiting in long queues for billing and then sitting for hours, just for a simple consultation with an experienced and a reputed doctor is always a pain. Furthermore, it is all the more physically taxing for the elderly in your family. What’s more, you come back with a hole in your pocket, paying unreasonable charges.

How Is Telemedicine Best for Seniors?

There’s no denying the fact that physical doctor consultation is the most suitable method in case of emergencies. Additionally, it’s also easier for young individuals to pay a visit, who usually don’t have to go to hospitals or clinics.

However, what about the elders and seniors in the family who are more prone to health concerns? How can they be taken care of without the regular hassle of visiting hospitals and the long waiting period?

The simple answer is ‘Telemedicine’. It enables you to avail common health-related services online by connecting the doctor with the person who needs medical advice via an Appointment Booking Software, that also functions as your Telemedicine Provider, Online.

The benefits of telemedicine include:

Telemedicine is home-based, and there’s nothing more complacent than getting treatment in the comfort of your home.

You don’t need to stand in never-ending queues to gain access to medicals.

You can easily avoid physical hospital visits that are unnecessary (even if it’s just for appointment booking), saving you a lot of time, travel costs and energy.

Medical costs are more reasonable and affordable in Telemedicine generally, and more so in Curable.

You can consult a skilled doctor from a remote place, especially when it’s difficult to physically reach a hospital just by downloading our Telemedicine Software – Curable.

You can enjoy the benefits of primary as well as follow-up consultation.

You can avoid catching another disease, which is generally a risk factor when you visit hospitals.

Elders in the family are considered a blessing. Their health and fitness is a prime concern not just for you but also for us at Curable. However, the fast-paced, busy lifestyle of individuals has made it challenging for them to take constant care of the elderly. Their regular medical check-ups and sudden flares of underlying illnesses make Telemedicine the best go-to for their medical needs, and a Telemedicine Platform like Curable makes sure you get the best treatment for your Healthcare needs. While most seniors are reluctant when considering telemedicine as an option, many aren’t aware of the benefits or are yet to try it.

How Curable Offers Telemedicine to Seniors?

We, at Curable, offer Telemedicine services that help you avoid physical doctor meetings. At Curable, you can take consultation for all age-related, common medical concerns via video chats right from the comfort of your home. A laptop or a smartphone with a smooth internet connection and an in-built camera is all you need.

You can also forget the hassle of reaching out to an experienced doctor at a far-off location. We are associated with a team of qualified and reputed doctors from well-known hospitals spread across India, who provide you with the best medical consultation but with much simpler steps.

You can choose a doctor or a hospital you like, or we can help you find a doctor depending on the symptoms you enter. You can also upload reports if you want to, book an appointment, make the payment and consult with your doctor instantly. Once your consultation is complete, you will receive a summary of the consultation with prescriptions if any. We also provide the facility of delivering the medicines prescribed by your doctor to your doorstep.

Well, no doubt the internet is flooded with scores of digital healthcare solution providers but what sets Curable apart is our belief in helping seniors lead a healthier, wholesome life by providing reliable medical advice with a personalised approach.

Telehealth in the time of Covid 19

Covid-19 has transformed the way we approach healthcare for the foreseeable future. Telemedicine has seen a rapid rise in adoption and is considered a critical path to safe, convenient, and affordable patient care.

Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare for Seniors?

In this time and age of digitisation where everything you need is delivered in the comfort of your home, how can healthcare services be far behind? Online healthcare has seen a lot of growth in recent years.

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