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Curable for Hospitals and Clinics

White Labelled

Seamlessly integrate Curable with your online platform and offer telemedicine services with your own brand name.

Instant on-boarding, Zero IT Investment

Get started with your own telemedicine services right away with no additional IT infrastructure requirements.

Autonomous Platform Management

Independently manage scheduling, re-scheduling, reports, patient foot-fall and patient correspondence as part of an admin module.

Enhanced Video Consultations

Enable efficient remote consultation for patients with pre-scheduled and real-time video calling services.

Work Closely with Preferred Partners

Send and prioritise orders to your preferred pharmacies and labs with our integrated online services on Curable.

Customizable and Convenient

Your doctors get an upper hand on Curable with a dedicated page and individualistic customization options based on their preferences.

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Why choose Curable?

With Curable, you get a solid digital presence that helps your health infrastructure reach every home.

Be the Market Player

Now offer services in a personalised manner. With Curable, you decide on the matters of cost and logistics to get the best for your patients.

Reach Your Customers

Receive appointments and manage patient schedules and details on our comprehensive online scheduling services and online patient portal.

Build an Exclusive Online Presence

Extend your service quality beyond physical boundaries and make your mark through online services.

Showcase Your Versatility

Exhibit your ability to adapt and grow while maintaining your service excellence.

Track and Grow Your Business

With Curable’s intuitive interface, track your reach, growth, revenue and much more.