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Curable for Doctors

Comprehensive Dashboard

Gain a holistic view of your schedule, patient details, earnings and reports in one place.

Inbuilt Appointment Management System

Independently manage your online and offline schedule and consultations.

Seamless Video Consultations with Integrated EMR

Make one-click online consultation with patients across the globe from anywhere, at any time.

Real Time Notes, Prescriptions and Reports

Take instant notes, write prescriptions, schedule follow ups and generate patient summary on the go.

Integrated Pharmacy and Diagnostic Labs

Send prescriptions and appointments to your preferred pharmacy and diagnostic labs.

Specialist Referral and Management

Ensure best patient care by referring to specialists and also get referrals from colleagues.

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Why choose Curable?

Curable provides a seamless and efficient platform to thousands of doctors, across the globe to extend their practice beyond the confines of a physical healthcare infrastructure.

100% Compliance with Telemedicine Guidelines

Curable is compliant with all telemedicine guidelines and offers a hassle-free telemedicine solution for you and your patients.

Zero Set-up Cost, No Subscription Fee

Sign up for free and get started in no time with our easy to use and secure platform.

Online Telemedicine and Practise Management

Efficiently manage appointments and schedule as per your convenience. Set your own online availability and manage your private practise and doctor appointments online through hospitals and clinics.

Live Video Consultations and Virtual Clinics

Distances made shorter with state of art technological aids. Now stream live across destinations for live video consultations and online medical camps.

Online Patient Portal and Records Management

Track all vital information about a patient, including past medical history, through electronic medical record system making follow-up consultations easier than ever.

Integrated Platform

Curable provides a single platform for your practise and consultations via video, chats and phone. It further facilitates prescription of drugs via the integrated ‘drug database’.